Photoshoot with Oliver Sage

Vancouver, BC has a reputation for being one of the world’s streetwear fashion capitals and the Gastown district strongly upholds this bold title. To highlight some of these modern trends, Oliver Sage and I took to the streets of downtown for a short nighttime photoshoot once the sun set over the west. Our first destination was a tucked away parking garage with a little garden sanctuary amidst the concrete jungle of the urban downtown.

For our photoshoot, Oliver was sporting a simple, yet effective outfit with a base layer consisting of black pants and a white pocket tee brought together with a pair of fresh white cons. A classic choice. That being said, Oliver is no stranger to the grey winters we have here in the Northwest and decided to complete this fresh fit with a black zip-up sweatshirt layered with a denim jacket. Layers are key to surviving in this Pacific Northwest climate and Oliver does them right.

Take a look at the shoot below and be sure to follow Oliver Sage and Witness The West on Instagram to see more of Vancouver’s urban streetwear scene.

Witness The West

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Oliver Sage

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