Rock Climbing at Lighthouse Park, West Van

For Canada’s newly established Family Day, I got a chance to tag along on a rock climbing expedition to the gorgeous Lighthouse Park in West Van. The park’s southern-most tip gives spectacular views looking out into the Salish Sea and English Bay and provides climbers with access to a wide variety of rock formations.

With multiple anchors spread around the rock formation, my crew spent the day top-roping around different stations in the park. Vancouver had just gone through several grey weeks, but for this day, the sun was shining bright and the Salish Sea was beaming blue tones. These colors contrasted with the deep green colors of the forested shores which gave the backdrop behind the climbers an extremely northwestern vibe. From the photographer’s standpoint, these were dream conditions and I took full advantage of it.

I spent my own day on the edge, climbing up and down the rocks on the hiker routes that still require a fair bit of experience dealing with rocky conditions. Even though I wasn’t anchored in, I still got my hands dirty and shoes scuffed up, but it was all worth it for the shots. With the sun shining down on this beautiful park, I was able to capture some amazing and creative photos of my adventurous climbing friends.

Check out the photo collection below and be sure to follow my friends on Instagram for more outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Harvey / Allison / Rebekah


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