Vince Staples @ UBC’s AMS Block Party

Summer weather started to hit Vancouver just in time for the annual ‘schools out’ Block Party hosted by AMS Events. The Block Party took place on Friday and gave students a breath of fresh air once the heavy last week of classes concluded. Over the past few years, the Block Party has been constantly changing locations because of UBC’s construction craze. This year followed that trend as the event was held in the UBC  Thunderbird stadium and gave a new meaning to the phrase, ‘Friday night lights’.

To be honest, I didn’t care much for most of the lineup and only came to see the mighty Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples. As I arrived early in the night, a resident DJ was spinning generic tunes as the immensely long line at the gates slowly trickled in eager fans anxious to get some Canadian Molson in their systems. Looking around, I was enjoying the venue change and was excited to hear how the acoustics would sound in this open air venue.

After a short wait, Vince’s DJ hopped on stage and got his laptop plugged into the system ready to spin some beats. The crowd started chanting, “We want Vince!”, and the southern Cali rapper hopped on stage and what ensued was pure madness. Vince had a wild stage presence and was constantly jumping around, slanging bars along to his limited, but innovative discography. He performed his hit tracks, “Loca” and “Blue Suede”, which both received a massive crowd response. Then, out of nowhere, he answered everyones’ prayers and played his latest hit with Flume labeled, “Smoke and Retribution“, which I swear had the whole stadium shaking. Flume’s deep and melodic synths compliment Vince’s smooth flow in such an epic way. Hearing that track live was a treat and, in my opinion, the highlight of Block Party 2016. Check out the photo collection below.

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