Vince Staples @ UBC’s AMS Block Party

Summer weather started to hit Vancouver just in time for the annual ‘schools out’ Block Party hosted by AMS Events. The Block Party took place on Friday and gave students a breath of fresh air once the heavy last week of classes concluded. Over the past few years, the Block Party has been constantly changing locations because of UBC’s construction craze. This year followed that trend as the event was held in the UBC  Thunderbird stadium and gave a new meaning to the phrase, ‘Friday night lights’.

To be honest, I didn’t care much for most of the lineup and only came to see the mighty Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples. As I arrived early in the night, a resident DJ was spinning generic tunes as the immensely long line at the gates slowly trickled in eager fans anxious to get some Canadian Molson in their systems. Looking around, I was enjoying the venue change and was excited to hear how the acoustics would sound in this open air venue.

After a short wait, Vince’s DJ hopped on stage and got his laptop plugged into the system ready to spin some beats. The crowd started chanting, “We want Vince!”, and the southern Cali rapper hopped on stage and what ensued was pure madness. Vince had a wild stage presence and was constantly jumping around, slanging bars along to his limited, but innovative discography. He performed his hit tracks, “Loca” and “Blue Suede”, which both received a massive crowd response. Then, out of nowhere, he answered everyones’ prayers and played his latest hit with Flume labeled, “Smoke and Retribution“, which I swear had the whole stadium shaking. Flume’s deep and melodic synths compliment Vince’s smooth flow in such an epic way. Hearing that track live was a treat and, in my opinion, the highlight of Block Party 2016. Check out the photo collection below.

Savant @ Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver B.C.

If there’s one artist who can represent the whole of electronic music, it’s the master bass manipulator, Savant. With a never ending discography that stretches over many different sub-genres of electronic music including electro, dubstep,  and drumstep, Savant gives his music signature and extensive sound of his own and drives many different fans to his shows. His music is extremely energetic and has a very unique flair with original video-game style synths and fast-paced drum patterns. An obsession with creating music is real with him as he makes multiple songs per day while keeping up with a tour.

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Embrace & Starsailor @ The Imperial in Vancouver B.C.

English Brit-Pop bands, Embrace and Starsailor, came together for a 2015 tour which brought their charming personalities and crowd-friendly set to Vancouver’s Imperial Theatre. Hosted by Timbre Concerts, the close-quartered venue kept the crowd right in the action and led both bands to interact with the audience throughout the night in a humorous and good-natured manner.

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Best Coast & Bully @ Imperial in Vancouver B.C.

Los Angeles rock duo Best Coast, including singer and songwriter Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno, formed in 2009 and have since then been exciting the rock world with a string of records including “Crazy For You” (2010) and “Only Place” (2013). Recently releasing their third full-length album labeled “California Nights” on Harvest Records, Best Coast have a North American tour lined up that extends into the summer months. Their new album has a more energetic, brighter flow to it than their previous records and relates heavily to Cosentino’s experiences with life in California. Cosentino speaks on the album as being an embodiment of calm, dark nights that define California. The record certainly has a sparkly, psychedelic flair to it and leaves innocence behind as the listener is launched into a journey of life as an adult and being able to look past hard times and to just enjoy the ride.

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Little Dragon @ Malkin Bowl In Vancouver B.C.

Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park has started their summer concert series at the forested venue called Malkin Bowl. Tonight they hosted the Swedish music group, Little Dragon , along with Andre Power of Soulection and Cam Jennings of Dripsy Collective. The late afternoon show begin with the fading sun and lasted into the darkness, illuminating the surrounding treeline with bright lights from the stage.

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The Glitch Mob @ The Vogue Theatre In Vancouver B.C.

The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, B.C. hosted the very energetic musical group, The Glitch Mob, on Friday for the first stop on their summer tour. Meshing together old tracks from their hit album, ‘Drink The Sea’,  as well as new tunes such as their latest remix of a Metallica song, “Lords Of Summer”, Glitch Mob brought down the house with their visually striking setup, The Blade. They recently released a short documentary that gives an exclusive behind the scenes look at The Blade which you can view here.

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Jungle @ The Commodore Ballroom In Vancouver B.C.

Modern soul-funk musical group, Jungle, rocked a sold out Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC this past Thursday. The event was thrown by Vancouver’s well-known and creative concert promotion company, Timbre Concerts. All through the night, the venue was filled with energy as the very-alive band played hits such as “Julia” and “The Heat” with extended intros and live vocals that had the crowd grooving throughout the night.

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Dan Deacon @ The Electric Owl In Vancouver BC

Dan Deacon’s veggie-powered tour bus made a stop in Vancouver BC for a night of electronic tunes being manipulated by the master himself, Dan Deacon. An American songwriter, electronic producer, and all-around creative guy, Dan Deacon has been merging the worlds of electronic music with the art world in new and interesting ways. His music brings happiness to the soul while getting pretty far out there sometimes with huge buildups and walls of sound.

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Bobby Puma @ Aston Manor

Bobby Puma ignited Seattle’s nightclub scene Saturday night with an electric set ranging from floor-thumping electro tunes to his own personal trap productions. Resident DJ’s Justin Hartinger and DJ Sharps took to the tables early on to start the night off right. Starting their sets with an empty dance floor, both DJ’s brought Aston Manor to life and set the tone for Bobby Puma’s set.

Aston Manor was celebrating the birthday of a popular and established co-creator, who has gained Aston manor a huge amount of support from every DJ who comes through to play a show. With this in mind, Aston Manor was a party on Saturday night, following the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight which was streaming at Aston earlier in the day.

Bobby Puma is a San Francisco based producer and DJ who has a large amount of respect for the Seattle music scene. To him, Seattle music is very diverse and accepting to all kinds of music. In specific club spots like Miami or Las Vegas, the music is very limited and sticks to a certain style. Seattle on the other hand, is always accepting of underground, or less mainstream genres.

For Bobby Puma, Aston Manor is one of his favorite venues and he was making sure to enjoy his time in Seattle. In the VIP section, Bobby could be found surrounded by friendly Seattle connections and old friends from the Aston management. He looked very at home, partying with everyone and just soaking in the tunes.

As the night continued with more solid tunage and drinks flowing, Bobby Puma took the tables and begin a fiery set filled with club-bangers and originals he has created with some of the biggest names in electronic music. The venue went nuts when Bobby came on stage and the dance floor continued to fill up even as his set continued. Confetti rained down from the wooden ceilings and the chandeliers shined brightly through the night.

Aston Manor is full of surprises and this night was no exception. With a string of ambitious and exciting performers and dancers slowly making their way through the venue, the scene was a sight to see. Burlesque dancers and fire breathers could be seen throughout the venue astonishing club-goers and creating an visually stunning experience throughout the night.

As the end of the night approached, Bobby Puma seemed to want to keep going as his set stormed on. It was obvious he was close with the owners and wanted to keep the night going for the birthdays that were featured for the night. Even when club-goers were streaming out of the venue at the end of the night, Bobby still had a huge smile on his face and was unleashing tune after tune for the remaining folks hanging in the VIP section.

After the music ended, there were multiple couples who approached the owners wanted to thank them for the great night of music and fun. It’s obvious that Aston Manor will continue to move up in the Seattle club world. Still a relatively new establishment, Aston shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to host some of the best names in electronic music as the year goes on.

If you’re ever in town and want to experience Seattle’s club life, Aston Manor should be on the top of the list with a top-quality venue and a killer schedule for music.