Photoshoot with Sabrina Tiana Menezes

If you’re ever looking to escape the hectic urban landscapes of Seattle or the hot as hell deserts of eastern Washington, the San Juan Islands will suit you perfectly. For this specific shoot, we journeyed to Whidbey Island to relax and chill on the sandy beaches. Even in September, the combination of the late season sun and cooling ocean will give off a tropical vibe and keep the summer feels alive.

Sabrina Menezes is a Bellingham local from Redmond, Washington and even though modeling isn’t a primary activity in her daily life, she certainly knows how to strike a pose. We spent the weekend listening to vinyl in the beach house and venturing to the beach to soak up the sun with snacks and blankets to lay on. While shooting, she didn’t hesitate to jump in the water with her summer dress or to roll around on the warm sandy beach. Before long, I had more amazing shots than I knew what to do with.

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Sabrina Tiana Menezes

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Photoshoot with Colin Walton

Today’s photoshoot took Colin and I deep into the depths of Pacific Spirit Park which borders UBC campus on the west end of Vancouver, BC. The park stays forever green throughout the year and offers a never-ending maze of trails that intertwine each other. We quickly got lost which, to be honest, was the plan since it never strays very far from campus and will always pop you out somewhere familiar.

Colin Walton, an always trendy friend from first year, was nice enough to model for me on this classic rainy February day. He was sporting a neutral pair of black pants with a matching black shirt hanging low for a loose fit. On top of this base layer was a large patterned brown jacket purchased from a Vancouver thrift shop. The outfit theme fit well with the more natural shoot we had planned. A perfect combination for Pacific Northwest winters.

Take a look at the shoot below and be sure to follow Colin Walton and Witness The West on Instagram to see more of Vancouver’s fashion and streetwear scene.

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